Jan 18, 2008

Come on in!

Just a quick note to let all of YOU know that I am attending a Retreat this weekend and will be back Sunday. As the Women's Leader of my church, I have been busy attending to Retreat details, so I haven't had a great deal of time to blog. I am looking forward to more Birthday frolic when I return—as well as making visits to YOUR little pieces of heaven...

Jan 17, 2008

Fifty Nifty Slices of History

In the next 11 plus days, I will be highlighting some nifty fifty slices of history. This is all having to do with my 50th Birthday Countdown.

Check out this Zenith Royal 50 transistor radio! My husband, Barry, had this model and he truly "owned" it. From his stone facade, 3-story row home in Reading, PA., he faithfully listened to the Phillies games, followed the Pop Music Countdown on his local WRAW radio station, and allowed The Four Seasons to lull him to sleep. It was an era when the Beatles reigned, Elvis was King, and Cassius Clay—
later to become Muhammad Ali—was crowned the Heavy Weight Champion of the World!

, having been accused of being "all talk", brought down the supposedly invincible Sonny Liston; a man whose reputation was founded on his record of 2 first round knock-outs. In fact, the expectations of Clay winning were so low that only 50% of the seats had been sold at the Miami Beach, Florida venue.

It was on a
Zenith Royal 50 that Barry experienced this historical 1964 Cassius Clay victory!