Mar 17, 2008

Vote for Your Favorite Limerick!

I recently hosted a Limerick Writing Contest. The deadline for entry was last night. Now it's your turn to vote for your favorite limerick! The winner will receive a beautiful book—spotlighted just a few posts down.

I genuinely love to put creativity to task! Many thanks to ALL of the participants! As you will see, the limericks are original, clever, and amusing! Many of the poems poke some fun at me. There are also some nice comments made in the original post that could not be listed here. I encourage you to take a look.

Here are the GUIDELINES for voting:
  1. Please vote for a favorite limerick other than your own. (This will make the outcome more interesting.)
  2. To eliminate confusion, please reference the name and the #.
  3. Vote only once.
  4. Vote on this post.
  5. The cutoff for voting is Saturday, March 22nd before Midnight PST.
The winner will be posted on Easter Sunday before Noon PST.

Here are the submissions:

1.) By Carol & "The Lenster" Drey

There is a woman named Karen Miller
Who thinks she's a knowledge pillar;
But when you check her credentials
They don't have the essentials,
Because she's goofier than Ben Stiller.


2.) By Debbie Rojas

A lymrick called "Eye-dyllic"

There once was a middle-aged lass
Who worked as she watched her life pass;
But once in awhile
Forgot her work pile,
Read KJ; her blog is first class!


3.) By "The Lenster" Drey

There is a woman named Karen Miller
Who worked on a boat tending the tiller;
One day on the lake
She hit a huge wake
And the wipe out was quite a thriller.


4.) By Julie @ Celtic Lady

There once was a sweet girl named Mary
Who said, "Writing lim'ricks is scary;
She ate three mushroom caps
And laid down for a nap,
Then wrote this with help from a fairy.


5.) By Jill @ BailiwickDesigns

The tools of my trade are here
In this room that I hold so dear;
I design in my head
Then with needle and thread,
I sew year after year after year.


6.) By Jenny Fowler @ Jenny Fowler

If I were whipped cream I'd die happy.
Instead I am corn and that's crappy.
I would melt away;
I'd dare not stay,
But you'll see you me again in a snappy.


7.) By DebraK @ ~the Bunnies Bungalow~

There once was an ogre named Betty,
Who feasted on plates of spaghetti;
Then none could be had
So she went quite mad
And ate up her cousins the Yetties!

(You know, Yetti, big foot!)


8.) By Katheryn

My dog Ollie's so shy,
He hides when passers pass by;
He's inside my jacket,
Oh, what a racket,
He howls when it zips up ,"Oh my!"

Old Red Barn Quilt Giveaway!

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Update: The contest has concluded but feel free to check out the links.