Jun 13, 2008

Daniel Matheny: Class of 2008!

The above photo depicts a proud moment for our family! My nephew, Daniel Matheny, was one of the Commencement Speakers for the Long Beach Millikan High School Class of 2008. The Long Beach Press-Telegram captured Daniel delivering his speech, "You Do Matter."

I confess that there's a little satisfaction that Daniel graduated from my alma mater. I graduated from Millikan with the Class of '76; followed by his Uncle KC, Class of '78; and his Dad, Bret, Class of '82. It's awesome to know that a part of us was still connected to those memories!

Daniel is a bright, sweet, caring, and witty young man who has already made a significant difference in this world. He is also a loyal and sacrificial friend. Daniel's tenacity and his heart for tackling life changing projects will no doubt create wide ripples in his life.

Jun 12, 2008

I'm Cooking Something Up!

My 1-Year Blogoversary is in 20 days! For almost 365 days, eye-dyllic has been a meeting place of hearts and minds. For this blog-mark occasion, I am cooking something up and hopefully it will have better results than the episode above! You won't want to miss the FUN!

Picture courtesy of Miss Mary Clipart Club

Jun 10, 2008

Eye-dyllic According to Vogue - Part IV

"I 'll not budge an inch".
- Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare - (Induction, Scene I)

When Mary Isabella of Daisy Bouquet viewed my activities in the previous post, she commented, "Looks like my church schedule for the summer..." Oh, I know that I'm not alone. It has been said that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. As evidenced by taking the time to blog about our brimming lives, we are definitely doers, movers, and shakers!

No doubt, you
observed that my schedule is chock-full of theatrics. My friends will attest that drama is to me what Starbucks is to caffeine. Unlike caffeine, I frequently experience a natural high for several days following a performance, which only serves to point me back to the stage.

The above photo from the 1950's issue of the British Vogue magazine oozes DRAMA. One could explain that this model has simply escaped the cameras and seized a moment of peace. I would argue that she is calling attention to herself since people rarely angle their elbows skyward when trying to relax.

Photo: British Vogue, May 1950 -

Jun 9, 2008

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get...

I assure you that I have not slipped off the planet! I know my online presence has been minimal. My involvement with performing arts and ministry makes this season the busiest by far, so please bear with me. Not intending to inspire a nap, but here is a glimpse of my schedule since May.

Rehearsals for June's Jr. Drama, "The God Squad"
Rehearsals for July’s, “The Potter’s Touch” at the La Mirada Theater
Spring Senior Drama Showcase
May Women’s Ministry Meeting Lead Worship for May's Placentia/Linda Aglow
Meeting Rehearsals for June Jr. Drama Performance

Rehearsals for June's Jr. Drama, "The God Squad"
Rehearsals for July’s, “The Potter’s Touch” at the La Mirada Theater
Spring Music Recital
6 AM setup for Ministry Fair
2 Sr. Drama Performances at Fountain of Life
June Women’s Ministry Meeting
Lead Worship for June's Placentia/Linda Aglow Meeting

Aglow International Southwest Coastal Region Conference
Rehearsal for Sr. Drama performance at La Mirada Calvary Chapel
2 Jr. Drama Performances

Rehearsals for July’s, “The Potter’s Touch” at the La Mirada Theater
Lead Worship for July's Placentia/Linda Aglow Meeting
Tech Week
2 Performances of “The Potter’s Touch” at the La Mirada Theater


On August 21st of 2007, I featured a post about a field trip to Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa, California. They now have a website and although it is slightly under construction, it should soon spotlight their whimsical and offbeat merchandise.

However, Paris to the Moon's website provides a wonderful link for paper lovers:

Paper • Relics - Greetings and Ephemera