Dec 18, 2008

400th Post Giveaway!

My backstage Blogger area states that I have 400 posts; however, the archive section on my sidebar totals to only 390. It's possible that Blogger does not account for any posts that may have been deleted. Nevertheless, I wish to perpetuate glad tidings by having a Pre-Christmas 400th Post Giveaway!

The winner will get to select anything up to $25.00 at the Sur la Table website. I will take care of the shipping and tax.

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • You will receive 5 additional entries for each person you refer to this Giveaway. They must mention your name in their post.
  • The deadline for entry is December 26th at Midnight PST. The winner will be chosen and posted on the 27th.

Dec 16, 2008

Mashed Potato Christmas Tree

I'm nesting my new abode and it's chilly and rainy. I can see the surrounding mountain ranges from my hilltop. Recent snow is veiled behind billowy clouds. I'm decorating for Christmas, lining shelves, and organizing cupboards. My family laughs at how meticulous I am with shelves and closets. And, I let them laugh. For me, peace of mind is achieved just as much by what I cannot see.

I find myself craving creature comforts — hot chocolate, mashed potatoes, and crockpot meals. I am very close to having my kitchen ready to make some magic!

This evening, I will be catching up on all of my blog visits. Moving derailed my routine, but I'm getting my wheels back on track. Look for me!


This is my 400th post! I will be posting a special Pre-Christmas Giveaway tomorrow! So, be sure to stop by!