Feb 19, 2009

Two Piece Salwar Kameez and Dupatta

A dear Indian friend, by the name of Annie Rajan, gave me a wonderful Birthday gift last month. I had casually mentioned that I wanted to shop with her in Little India, a former farm community in Artesia, California that used to be inhabited mostly by Dutch farmers. Annie then surprised me with a traditional Two Piece Salwar Kameez and Dupatta.

It is very much like the one pictured here, except that the kameez (shirt) is a lovely muted red with embroidered florals in silken beige. The salwar (pajama style trousers with a drawstring waist) and the dupatta (scarf) are a lighter shade of beige than what's shown.

The more modern versions include a shorter kameez or kurta that stops at the knee, and the pants are called churidar which is a tight-fitting trouser that gathers at the ankles.

These outfits are incredibly elegant, comfortable, and flattering. I love culture and I enjoy adapting it to my own lifestyle. I have even worn a puletasi, the traditional garb of Samoan women.


  1. I've strolled into your charming blog for the first time....
    I grew up in Orange County CA.
    My whole family resides there.
    I'm now in the Northwest (where my husbands from). We've lived here now for 26 years, but home and heart remains with my roots.

    I'm sure it touched your friend to have you share the beauty of her culture.

    Come by for a visit. I'd enjoy the company.
    Sweet Wishes,

  2. Hi KJ!! What a lovely gift!! Do you wear it often?

    Thanks for popping by my blog! Love your comment about gravity, and I have to agree!! ;o)

    Your blog is very interesting!!
    I'll be back by!!

    Have a great Friday!!


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