Feb 23, 2009

Flower Power

Cotton Print - Jumbo Flowers
Little Monkey Designs

I spent the Flower Children era in grade school and entered the 7th grade in 1970. Encounters with hallucinating hippies easily advised me against the flower child lifestyle, especially after seeing the messes love-ins left behind.

Cotton Print - Pink Flower Power
Little Monkey Designs

Oh, but I loved the bright, bold flowers and psychedelic art. I even embraced the earthiness that segued into grand fashion during the 70's.

I collected flower power stickers, incense, and candles. I wore bell bottoms, a faux leather vest with long fringe, and parted my hair down the middle like Peggy Lipton—which looked much better on Peggy.

I don't choose to hang love beads in my doorways, but I still have a soft spot for big, colorful florals. Although flowers are never out of vogue, there is an unmistakable look to the flower power style.

As the playful posies of the 60's are reappearing, I am seeing modern applications, as well. With many of us still enduring wintry weather, flower power is speaking LOUDLY of spring.


  1. I was a child of the 70's. I graduated from High school in 1972. I remember wearing bell bottoms and they were green with flowers all over them. Loved the post...m..

  2. My brothers had a "pad" in the attic with psychedelic posters and black lights. I thought it was groovy, man.


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