Feb 23, 2009

Tea for Tuesday

Joni Miller - Teapot & Tea Calendar 2008

One of the very earliest mentions of tea with milk was recorded in 1655 by an envoy from Dutch East India Company visiting Canton, China. Twenty-five years later in France, the fashionable Madame de Sevigne noted that her friend Madame de la Sabliere had initiated the fashion of adding milk to tea both for its taste and its cooling ability, which prevented the fragile porcelain teacups from breaking.

"The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk."
-Ogden Nash


Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

Hi long time no see. Hope your doing well. Thanks for the comment and yes i'm better i'm snapping back into shap. Thanks for the prayers. Blessings and Hugs Denise

Sandy said...

Hi KJ,
Finally had a day to come by and visit my favorite bloggers ~ life has been so busy!
Loved catching up with your blog today and I am going to go and fix myself a cup of Acai/Pomegranate tea right now - without milk though!
Have a wonderful day.

char72 said...

Hi KJ,
I was glad to see your comments on Spiritual Sundays. The header picture I took through the side window as we were leaving. It was late in the day and I didn't even have time to tell Hubby to slow down. I just pointed and shot the picture. There is a little glare from the window, but not bad. I'm amazed it turned out as well as it did. Probably if I had been trying to take a good picture it wouldn't have turned out as good. lol
The milk bottles reminds me of my grandmother's house. She always had milk delivered in bottles to her front door. It was a long time ago and she bought raw milk. I was a city girl and liked homogenized milk. She never could understand why I wouldn't drink her milk. I hadn't thought about this in years. Thanks for the memory.

justabeachkat said...

I don't remember the days of milk in bottles and being delivered to the door, but wish it was still that way today. Beautiful photos and music.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I do remember milk being delivered in bottles to the door and it was so good...m.

Joyce said...

My husband's Father was a milkman and owned his own route. :~)
I always have milk in my cup of tea. Can't do without it.
But I also use "almond milk" because I have a milk allergy and should not use real milk really. Ugh.
I like the almond milk though it isn't bad at all ...if you get the vanilla flavored one.

Renee said...

I am glad to see that someone likes their tea just like me.