Mar 29, 2009

After the Fairy Dust

The Wedding of Brian and Briana Lemos
March 21, 2009

I took a week to let the fairy dust settle after my daughter's wedding last weekend. What a perfect day it was! There wasn't a glitch in the hitch. God was faithful down to the most minute detail! The newlyweds headed into Northern California for their honeymoon, and I was left to sort through the myriad of maternal emotions.

My daughter is 21 and was married on the 21st.

I remember well the overpowering feelings I experienced when I held Briana for the first time. All the excitement and preparation building to that moment could not possibly compare to the rush of love and the weight of responsibility that I felt. Likewise, after living with Briana for over 21 years, letting go also released a complexity of emotions, including the need to rearrange my nest.

Featured here are preliminary photos taken by Alysia Smith of Rev411 Photography. For protection, her watermark is on each of the photos. I am quite pleased and anxious to see the remainder of her work.

Briana with her proud daddy, Barry.

Notice my youngest son, Brock (in the white shirt), at the forefront of the action.


  1. How very, very beautiful, Kj.
    I'm tearing up just looking at these gorgeous photos.
    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  2. Your daughter is stunning! She looks so happy, and I'm sure you were bursting with pride -- and tears. Thank you for sharing these very special photographs with us. ~Arleen

  3. I've been there, too! It really is emotional and beautiful and sad and exciting, all at the same time. Your daughter looks beautiful! I'm so glad the day was perfect. ::Jill

  4. I just popped into your blog from the CWO Blogroll page and I'm so glad I did. What a beautiful bride your daughter made! I can almost feel your pride and joy burst from the computer screen. Blessings to the newlyweds for a lifetime of love and growing closer to one another and God!

    Blessings to you too!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, the bride, the photos, and the lovely post about the very special event. :D

  6. What a beautiful bride!!
    You must be such a proud mom!
    Congrats to all!

  7. Wow! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and the pictures are amazing! I'm so happy that the day went off so well and now you get to settle into the role of "mother-in-law" , lol, I'll hold the jokes for now!
    Smiles, Karen

  8. She couldn't have been a prettier bride!
    I hope you put something nice on KJ :)
    I told my boys I'm wearing a nightgown to theirs...

  9. Beautiful Bride!!!!

    Someday...I'll likely experience a day like that with our Chelsea.

  10. What a beautiful bride your daughter made!

  11. Here's wishing the newly weds a very happy married life. The Photographs on your blog are absolutely divine. Though what caught my attention was this beautiful engagement ring, very similar to what I had purchased from , an online jewelry portal


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