Mar 11, 2009



"Mom, look, there's a snail in your garden." With flowerbeds of breeding snails, my 9-year old son, Brock, needed to announce this one, probably because he wanted me to witness its destruction. I looked his direction, fell off the porch which in turn sent my purse into orbit, and managed to place a hole in the left knee of my new jeans.

Bryce, my 14-year old, immediately came to my rescue, showing a tenderness that he doesn't often exhibit. (For that, I was blessed.) So, I now have a skinned knee just in time for Briana's wedding, and a sore right toe and thumb. At least I won't be hobbling down the aisle on crutches. Thank-you, Jesus!

Multiple Births (Updated: March 12, 2009)

On the subject of breeding, Nadya Suleman, the woman with the "Jolie" lips and the single parent to 14 children, including the now famous octuplets, will be living in a home adjacent to the park where my son plays baseball. Attorney Gloria Allred has arranged for Nadya to have 14 free nurses a day to help care for the children. The around-the-clock nurses will be working in teams of 4 to 5 and will be assisting with all of the 14 siblings.

The world is showering Nadya with expensive gifts, financial aide, and attention. I certainly don't want to see those children neglected and she obviously can't manage this alone; but where do we draw the line?

If it's fame she was after, the media has granted that to her. In fact, the media has taken over her new neighborhood: no doubt, to the delight of her neighbors.

Is this an extension of our bailout trend where people are rewarded for irresponsibility? Miss Suleman was already parenting 6 beautiful children by herself. She is not a victim of circumstances. And, what about the ethical questions concerning the compromised health of that many babies sharing one womb? In an unregulated fertilization industry, perhaps the doctor who implanted these babies should pay child support.


  1. I am so sorry about the accident. I hope you feel much better tomorrow...Hugs...m.

  2. Ouch! But so glad you did not break anything. As for you new "neighbor", I can only hope the American public sees that by making celebrities of these kind of people (those who stupidly procreate without thinking of the children they produce) that they perpetuate the thought that someone will "take" care of them. The best thing that could have happened is that those children would have been placed with loving foster "parents" (the emphasis on "parents" not parent). I do not see her ever finding a husband, or being able to cope with all those children, with so many handicapped, and needing constant attention. Is anyone making sure she does not do this again??? I have three children and the cost only escalates as they grow older. She is clearly unstable mentally so she, will always be a burden on society.

  3. Oh KJ! So sorry about your knee and jeans! You weren't going to wear them to the wedding, right?
    I just told my boys I would probably wear nightgowns to theirs LOL.
    When you get to feeling better...maybe you can pop over to Nadia's and lend 14 hands???

    This just in from the "KJ has one of those" department:

  4. KJ......HELLO!

    If you want to get rid of the snails, just pour salt on them. Your son would probably enjoy doing that. LOL

    OctoMom, well, while I'm trying hard not to be judgemental...what was she thinking? I just pray for those kids, all of them,
    Take care, DebraK

  5. I think our gardeners may have already laid down some snail killer. It's either that or fertilizer and I suspect the first.

    Yes, I don't want to be judgmental either, because I do care about the future of those children. The problem is, we're all paying for this.


  6. To be honest I think she should be charged with child abuse and the children should be put up for adoption. Separately.

    I don't know what I'm saying, I just think it is sickening.

    Who is paying for her house.

    The prize at the irresponsible rainbow these days.....


    Hope you feel better from your fall in no time.

  7. I agree - her doctor should be held more responsible!


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