Mar 3, 2009

Tea for Tuesday: Countdown

Briana and Brian puttin' on the Mouse
(Taken during their Coed Shower)

My daughter's wedding is in 18 days and we are busy with details. As I'm looking for my wedding dress, my body is sulking over the extra upholstery I promised to lose and didn't. I just kept rescheduling.

The Cracker Basket Napkin Fold at the Bridal Tea.

On Saturday, my mom hosted a Bridal Tea for Briana in Los Alamitos, California. The guests consisted of Brian's family, our close family and friends, and friends that had grown up with Briana. It was a wonderful celebration and my mom did a terrific job putting it together!

Being unfamiliar with my mom's camera, I was shooting pictures with fingers crossed. The above photo depicts the Cracker Basket fold that I nested the guest favors in. I refer to it as my abracadabra fold because the finished product has been turned inside out.

The tea parlor had changed ownership after the tea was booked: something that was not properly communicated to my mom. The pots of tea were delicious; however, the service and food were below par. Most of us understand that tea sandwiches need to be protected from air to keep the bread fresh. The sandwiches felt like they had been toasted when, in actuality, they had been left uncovered. Apparently, the new owners still need to read their tea primers.


  1. That's a neat napkin fold! I need to learn how to do that...

    love the photo with the Mickey Mouse ears...cute!

  2. I love the mousie hats! I think they should marry that way!
    That 'lil basket is really cute. So sorry about the dried out sandwiches...thats too bad.

    At least you didn't have "bammeat"...that is the code I have to type in below...
    Have you heard anything from Beverly? I have sent a card or two.

  3. Hi KJ, here I am as promised. Briana and Brian are a beautiful couple and look great in their Micky Mouse ears. I am sure the shower was lovely even though the food was less than expected. They better improve fast because substandaed food is not going to bring back customers.

    I hope you find your dress soon. Time is running out. I always thought I would be thinner for the girl's weddings but it didn't happen. LOL. Looking back I really wasn't that heavy anyway. We are so hard on ourselves. Go get that dress.

    See you again soon.


  4. Your daughter is a very beautiful girl. I have not been through a daughter's weeding yet and since she lives so far away I probably won't be very involved when and if she does get married.


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