Apr 18, 2009

My Blog Groove

My daughter's recent wedding, maternal adjustments, script writing, role memorization, and production schedules have knocked me out of my blog groove. I miss my regular blog visits! My favorite blogs give me transport and escape, although I admit that I am finally catching up with obligatory projects that were falling behind. I am crossing my fingers that this means I can return to normalcy, if there is such a thing.

I wrote 3 monologues for Easter that were performed for our church's Good Friday and Easter Services. I had the honor of playing Mary Magdalene twice. What an emotional journey that was. I have played many roles in theater, but I have never had the opportunity—or the task—of memorizing such a lengthy role. I had to shut everything down for about a week and cram! Despite a few nerves, I truly felt the Lord's strength and presence during my performance.

I'm in silly mode today which can only suggest that being up at 4:16 AM on a Saturday morning is a little loony. So, I thought I would share some wacky wedding shots with you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Alysia Smith (of Rev411 Photography) captured the happy couple, Brian and Briana, jumping for joy!

My two sons, Bryce (14) and Brock (9), staged a spoof of the wedding by donning the Mickey and Minnie Mouse hat and veil. Bryce even enhanced his bosom.


  1. Fun photos!

    The photographer looks very creative and very good.

  2. LOL.. your sons look like clowns!

    Scrolling through your site I noticed you are AG... I grew up AG and now attend a COG since there are not AG's in our area. :-)


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