Jun 5, 2009

Thanks for understanding...

I know that blog traffic here has been minimal lately, and my visits to other blogs have been curtailed by recent developments. I haven't given up blogging. I'm just needing to strike a balance and, sadly, blogging has needed to take a lower priority for a week or two.

My Mac has lost it's apple-tite and is only working by the grace of God. I can't shut it down because it is having issues restarting. Being that I just launched my Pampered Chef business, it has been important to establish myself and online presence before taking my Mac to be fixed. So, I have been frantically backing up my system just in case any data is lost.

I am leaving for Retreat today and boy am I ready! When I get back, I will be popping in to say hello and get the latest scoop! Have a splendid weekend!


Judy Hartman said...

Hello Friend,
I just want to wish you some rest and renewal on your retreat. Hope your computer problems get resolved quickly. I miss our back and forth comments - I need to apologize for not participating in Facebook. I sense that it is your social networking forum, but I seldom look at it.
Anyway, KJ, much love and many hugs coming your way!
Take care.

Becky K. said...

Hi KJ,
It is good to see your post. Hope your new business goes well.

Beverly said...

Just popped in to say hello and see how you are doing.

A retreat sounds heavenly. I know you will have a wonderful time.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Karen,

I have missed you a whole bunch! I hope your computer is up and running smoothly soon. The retreat sounds wonderful. Have a beautiful time!



Alison Gibbs said...

Good luck with your new business venture. Hope your retreat was all you expected

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I wish you beauty, sunshine, happiness, bessing overflowing and please get lots os rest and have fun at your retreat...m..

Sandy said...

Hi KJ,
I know what you mean. My blog has taken a low priority but I'm trying to get back on track and visit everyone this week.
Hope you have a wonderful week and congrats on starting a pampered chef business - I love their products!