Sep 2, 2009

Will we ever have a normal fall again?

The New York Times - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Even without the East Coast foliage, California falls have special qualities. Or, at least they did. For the last several years, dry conditions, wind, and heat have made our terrain prime kindling for arsonists. It's dizzying to look at a California map and see how many fires ravage simultaneously. Lives and homes have already been lost. Neighborhoods have been evacuated. The view of our local mountains is obliterated by smoke and pyro-cumulus clouds that resemble atomic bomb explosions.

They say that 90% of all fires are caused by humans: 50% done deliberately. What a tragedy it is that some people delight in devastation and destruction, almost competing for the biggest losses. And, arsonists are on the rise.

As long as this sickness exists, will we ever have a normal fall here in California again?


  1. KJ, I am so sorry that it has become the norm for you to deal with these fires. I was so sad to hear about the firefighters who died. What a tragedy.

    Becky K.

  2. I am praying for all at this time...hugs...m..

  3. That people would do that on purpose, terrible.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Yes, those clouds, we see them from our house. The clouds look amazing, but a sad reminder.


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