Oct 7, 2009

Tea for Tuesday

Today, I'm sharing some tea-full fun for this splendid autumn day! I am delighted by this Customizable Tea Mug Cozy created by Kate at KnitStorm. She apparently sells these on Etsy; however, she is acclimating to motherhood, so a brief break is in order. Most of her links can be found on her blog, KnitStorm.

Through Twitter, I have met a tea enthusiast,
Denise at Uniquely Tea. Her blog is brimming with charm. Denise blogs from Charleston, South Carolina. There are many treasures to found among her musings. Be sure to pay her a visit!

Denise's blog introduced me to
ExtraSprinklesPlease, an immediately inviting website with a banner that reads: "sprinkles of joy, dollops of design, and chock full of free printables." Seriously, this is a place to perk up your bookmarks, to-do lists, etc. The site also offers little items to slip into gifts and envelopes as a sudden burst of affection to those you love!

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Karen! It's always great fun to meet new tea enthusiasts and visit their blogs. I'll have a pot of tea waiting at Uniquely Tea for all your eye-dyllic regulars!


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