Oct 12, 2009

Tea for Tuesday

Flowers in My Teacup - A collage by monettenriquez

I have a few things in my gathering basket today. For one, I found a simple Internet Tea Timer called Steep.It. This gadget will tend to your tea steeping and alert you when all is done. And, for the scoop on new teas and tisanes, The Tea Review is a wonderful, thoughtful resource!

When I was first introduced me to Twitter, it seemed silly—even stupid.  I had very few connections and my "follows" were being added at the rate of about one per month.  Then, I started taking a Social Media Course.  Twitter is now one of my most exciting tools!

On Twitter, I have hooked up with dozens of tea enthusiasts, shops, and manufacturers.  Instead of having to visit their websites on a constant basis, I simply follow their tweet streams and click only on those posts that interest me the most.

You may join me @KarenJune on  Check out who I am following and you will find a bevy of tea links.

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