Nov 9, 2009

Turkey Trot 9 - Olive Oil

I went to an olive oil tasting not long ago and emerged from the experience loving this delicious and healthy oil more than ever!  It was amazing to taste each oil by itself and evaluate the individual merits.

California Olive Ranch EVOO is an award winning product grown in the northern portion of my home state.  They have been featured in Cooks Illustrated and were selected as the Winner of Olive Oils of the World Competition: LA County Fair – 2007.
Just before the turn of this century, a group of investors purchased 700 acres of land in Oroville, a small farming community in the northern California foothills. After years of research, these entrepreneurs chose this land because it had similar climate and soil conditions found only in the Mediterranean's finest olive orchards. Their goal, now achieved, was to develop a world class EVOO from California.

Now you can taste our fresh, high quality EVOO. Shop our online store to experience our California award-winning, certified EVOO.
-California Olive Ranch

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