Dec 28, 2009


I do hope that a glorious Christmas was had by all!  Is everyone enjoying a little wind down time?

My Christmas was wonderful!  My brothers and their families gathered together with mine at the home of our parents.  We gave, laughed, and loved!  What a day!

I am realizing something about myself after all these years.  I definitely enjoy the buildup to Christmas more than the actual day.  This does not reduce the reason for or the pleasure of the actual event.  I just love the prelude to Christmas, the fanfare, the transformation of business as usual into an explosion of lights, music, and color.  I adore the concerts, the worship, plays, treats, crafts, adornment...

And, though I love to shop, it's not the retail atmosphere that does it for me.  In fact, I did very little shopping this year.  No, it's the Spirit that wells up even in those who don't celebrate the birth of Christ.  It's contagious and delightfully disruptive.

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  1. Hi KJ! I felt a little different about Christmas this year too... it was more about the spirit rather than the physical things. I must be at that age! ::Jill

  2. Kudos my friend and I agree with you whole heartedly......I did little shopping this year as well.
    But I do like the "build up".....and I like the day and I would like it to linger and to linger.
    The celebration is in our hearts you know. :~)

  3. You got me all excited reading this dear one...

    love it...

    Glad to know that you had such a fabulous Christmas...mine was quite lovely as well

    do I need to give you my address? or is the stone too heavy to send?


  4. Karen~ I's all the pomp and pageantry like listening to Christmas music while baking or cooking. The unveiling of ornaments and decorations.
    I have been known to get a high from my conquests in shopping and finding that perfect gift. Our celebration is quite modest compared to Xmas pasts.
    I miss our So-Cal Christmases. Where many of my siblings and kids gather and consume mass quantities of delectable delights (none being fruitcake). Good Times!

    Sweet wishes,

  5. Am blog surfing today and came across yours. Really enjoyed visiting! I've bookmarked your post about how to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree -- I'll use that next year :-)

    You have a lovely blog and I'll be back!

  6. Just popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year! Blessings, Sandy

  7. Hi Karen,

    Like you, I always treasured the pre-Christmas celebrations and felt somewhat deflated by noon on Christmas day. This year I decided to create small celebrations or invitations to friends in the days that followed Christmas. It worked! We had so many sweets in the house, it also helped thin out the leftover calories. Truth is, I think others were happy to have "celebrations" to go to as well. I was discussing this we a group of girl friends and it seems lots of us have the same let down feeling. We decided to plan a January chili party. The decorations will be gone but we can still do some decorating. It would be so nice to make the season last a little longer into the new year.


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