Jan 17, 2009

I'm Hearing Wedding Bells

Kajumi (my Pet Society pet) is standing in her wedding dress and tiara as a reminder of my daughter's March wedding. I'm feeling like someone's foot is a little too heavy on the accelerator. Slow down already! My mind is swimming and there is still so much to take care of.

Much like the first time I held my daughter—my first child—I am unprepared for the whoosh of emotion that merges suddenly upon my heart. It's adjustment time, I know... And yet while embracing change, I am grieving what must be left behind.

I've spent a year of letting go. I don't want to hold on. Kindly tell my emotions that.

Jan 14, 2009

Wander-ful Wednesday!

Today is Wander-ful Wednesday and I am wandering. I have been paging through the sweet comments on my blog and returning for much overdue visits. If you haven't seen me yet, look for me.

"The impossible is often the untried."
-Jim Goodwin

Jan 13, 2009

Tea for Tuesday

It's 10:43 PM. I am sipping Cranberry Orange Tea while nibbling one of Frau Frugal's homemade scones covered with fresh lemon curd. These scrumptious goodies were a belated Christmas gift from Frau Frugal and once my family discovered them, I was fortunate that there were any left.

Saturday, Frau Frugal and I traveled to Lompoc, California for a Memorial Service. Lompoc (Lom-poke) is a Chumash Indian word meaning little lake or lagoon, and the city is nestled in the hills north of Santa Barbara, just off of the Pacific Ocean. It is known for it's flower fields, the La Purisima Mission, and gorgeous murals scattered throughout the community.

We left before 6:30 AM, watching the sun wash over the rolling hills, vineyards, citrus groves, farms, and grazing animals. We drove for two and a half hours, arriving with time to grab a comfort food breakfast. Since Vandenberg Air Force Base is located right next door, we were able to bless a couple of soldiers with breakfast. (They didn't look much older than my 14-year old son!)

The funeral was for a wonderful man by the name of Clark. He was called to Heaven after an arduous battle with cancer. He was a gifted and highly respected architect, as well as an amazing husband, father, and friend. Clark never missed an opportunity to share his relationship with Jesus Christ. I spoke with him briefly on the phone a couple of months ago and was amazed by his good spirit and humor.

After meeting so many lovely people at the funeral (one charming man attended Long Beach Poly with my dad), we drove to the Danish community of Solvang, stopping at Ostrich Land to feed the graceful birds. In Solvang, we ate aebleskiver drenched in lingonberry jam and powdered sugar; samples of fudge; and a Napoleon's Hat cookie.

Heading home, we bypassed the night life of Santa Barbara, opting instead for Camarillo. As we were approaching Camarillo, we both smelled the delicious aroma of meat cooking. I have no explanation for this, except that Wood Ranch seemed to be extending it's smokey fingers through the ventilation system of my car. So, in an act of obedience, we stopped for some awesome steak and barbecued chicken.

We considered Saturday to have been a "perfect" day. There was no trace of traffic, which is rare for Southern California. The weather was warm. The skies were blue. And, the conversations were blessed.