Jan 24, 2009

The End of Boxes

After moving into our new residence on December 3rd, I am finally seeing the end of boxes. Mostly, I am left with bulging cardboard containing paper to file, transfer to computer, or purge. Admittedly, it is an undertaking, but I will take it one box at a time.

For the first time in my adult life, I now have a wood burning fireplace. No more faux logs that resemble animated "gif" files. My white mantle top is decorated with a combination of shabby chic, floral teacups, and natural elements that include a bird's nest with real—but fragile—quail eggs. My husband laughs at my endless rearranging. I assure him that he will know when it pleases me.

I am discovering that my earlier passions in life are once again emerging as top decorating priorities. Outdoor elements are coming indoors through the use of seashells, nests, birds, fresh florals, and houseplants. It is satisfying to mix these items with classic and modern styles.

Photo: Stacked Teacups - Andrew McCaul, Country Living Magazine