Apr 3, 2009

Word Pictures

I found a cool website, Wordle, that takes any given text and scrambles it into a unique word picture. There are many options to play with. The one above was based on Psalm 1:1-3 from the Message Bible. The original Scripture is shown on my sidebar.

Here is another one depicting life with gusto...

Mar 29, 2009

After the Fairy Dust

The Wedding of Brian and Briana Lemos
March 21, 2009

I took a week to let the fairy dust settle after my daughter's wedding last weekend. What a perfect day it was! There wasn't a glitch in the hitch. God was faithful down to the most minute detail! The newlyweds headed into Northern California for their honeymoon, and I was left to sort through the myriad of maternal emotions.

My daughter is 21 and was married on the 21st.

I remember well the overpowering feelings I experienced when I held Briana for the first time. All the excitement and preparation building to that moment could not possibly compare to the rush of love and the weight of responsibility that I felt. Likewise, after living with Briana for over 21 years, letting go also released a complexity of emotions, including the need to rearrange my nest.

Featured here are preliminary photos taken by Alysia Smith of Rev411 Photography. For protection, her watermark is on each of the photos. I am quite pleased and anxious to see the remainder of her work.

Briana with her proud daddy, Barry.

Notice my youngest son, Brock (in the white shirt), at the forefront of the action.