Apr 18, 2009

My Blog Groove

My daughter's recent wedding, maternal adjustments, script writing, role memorization, and production schedules have knocked me out of my blog groove. I miss my regular blog visits! My favorite blogs give me transport and escape, although I admit that I am finally catching up with obligatory projects that were falling behind. I am crossing my fingers that this means I can return to normalcy, if there is such a thing.

I wrote 3 monologues for Easter that were performed for our church's Good Friday and Easter Services. I had the honor of playing Mary Magdalene twice. What an emotional journey that was. I have played many roles in theater, but I have never had the opportunity—or the task—of memorizing such a lengthy role. I had to shut everything down for about a week and cram! Despite a few nerves, I truly felt the Lord's strength and presence during my performance.

I'm in silly mode today which can only suggest that being up at 4:16 AM on a Saturday morning is a little loony. So, I thought I would share some wacky wedding shots with you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Alysia Smith (of Rev411 Photography) captured the happy couple, Brian and Briana, jumping for joy!

My two sons, Bryce (14) and Brock (9), staged a spoof of the wedding by donning the Mickey and Minnie Mouse hat and veil. Bryce even enhanced his bosom.