Jul 30, 2009

Southern Sojourn

From the moment I watched Gone with the Wind for the first time, I became enamored with Southern culture. And, although the movie depicted a Civil War era, there remains an elegance and refinement, embodied in the modern Southern perspective.

Suffice it to say, Southern California is a far cry from the alluring South! As a little girl, I enjoyed a brief period of wearing frilly party dresses, lacy socks, and black patent leather shoes to birthday parties. Before long, sun suits and thongs (yes, I still call flip flops thongs), shifts, plaid and pleated school dresses, and saddle shoes replaced anything with fluff.

Moving through Junior High and High School, bell bottoms, blue jeans, Wallaby shoes, fringed faux leather vests, tapestry shirts, baggy corduroy pants, Hang Ten shirts, chokers, bubble blouses, and baby doll tops interpreted the relaxed California lifestyle. Proms gave us the opportunity to play dress-up.

My High Tea consisted of highly sugared water with Lipton tea bags, and I drank gallons of sun tea (which has since come under scrutiny.) It really wasn't until I was an adult that I discovered the world of tea sandwiches and dainty desserts.

Summer picnics involved Kentucky Fried Chicken, or my dad's homemade meatloaf or egg salad sandwiches. His pickled eggs always provided an additional treat.

Southern Lady Magazine has become my transporter of sorts. I am a big fan of Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Norton Hoffman. I have come to realize that my attraction to Southern living addresses many passions that a Southern California life did not nurture. So, please join me in the next few days as I journey to the South.