Aug 3, 2009

Flipping Pages

"It was a splendid summer morning and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong."
-James Cheever

Bridging from my last post, "Southern Sojourn," I continue today with my California responses to Southern living. I am flipping through the pages of the July/August Southern Lady magazine, transported by images that remind me to relish what is left of summer and reserve time for a plenitude of escapes. My lot this year is more of a stay-cation, so all of my exploits will be local. Alas, there is much to do in California.

The Southern Lady website has a few enticing items on their bookshelf. The cover of Flowers, by Dorothy McDaniel, is quite fetching. It would make a grand coffee table conversation piece.

I recently transformed the curved cement driveway in front of my home into a potted garden. My spring green, tulip shaped planters are brimming with herbs, Dipladenia, Pink Pearl Bougainvillea, lavender, succulents... I can only imagine what else this book would inspire.

The Editor of Southern Lady, Phyllis Norton Hoffman, recently published a book for those with shoe fetishes, Honey, It's All in the Shoes. She writes, "If I had a quarter for every pair of shoes I own, well, I'd buy more shoes!" Her book includes humorous and poignant essays that sound like good fun.

Now, I love stylish shoes. They don't love me! I am surrounded by Californians who wear high rise heals with sleek and sexy style However, most of the ladies I see, myself included, opt for casual/comfortable the majority of the time. Sadly, my feet are wide. Squeezing them into tall, slender pumps makes them look like pop and fresh dough, not to mention the ensuing pain. No, I prefer to bypass any obligatory thoughts about my feet when I walk.

Another book by Phyllis is Southern Lady Gracious Spaces. The poet in me loves to recite the title aloud. I have a myriad of decorative accent books and this one would fit in nicely. Since moving into my home in December, I still have many walls with nail holes to patch and paint; and much space to design and fill. I am not in a hurry since I want to make good investments and allow my personality to slowly define each room.

Lastly, I attended an Olive Oil Tasting in Belmont Shore on Saturday. It was held at WE OLIVE located on Second Street. The store features hand crafted balsamic vinegar and some of the freshest olive oil that I have ever tasted! The products are locally harvested so that the resluts can be guaranteed. They also served up an awesome twist on lemonade and I want to share it here.


28 oz. Lemon Juice
3 cups Sugar
9 oz. We Olive Aged Balsamic
2-3 Sliced Lemons
Water and ice to fill

Combine ingredients in at least a 3 gallon container and enjoy!