Sep 16, 2009

A New Thingamabob!

In my August 2007 post, "Things", I discussed "gadgets and gizmos aplenty." I adore quality gadgets that endure regular use and make the mundane...FUNdane! I suppose that's why I'm a Pampered Chef Consultant now. Whether it's paper arts, cooking, sewing, or gardening, give me a well-made, functional thingamabob, and I'm a gleeful gal!

So, look what I found! Yes, a Round Metal Twist Cutter for Carving Candleholders from Fruit. We're talking about 30-second centerpieces! The centerpieces can probably be made faster than trying to say it's name! Anyway, take a gander!

Sep 15, 2009

Fall Goodies

Yankee Gardener Autumn Leaves Print

Are you feeling it? Have you noticed fall peeking around the potting shed wall? Here are 2 inspirational goodies to celebrate a new season!