Nov 7, 2009

Turkey Trot 7 - Candle Wrapper

Sprinkles of Joy is offering this "Autumn Blessings" candle wrapper as a free download (shown in the background.)  Each page contains 4 wrappers.  This would make a fabulous guest gift at each table's place setting!  Click HERE to receive your download.

Nov 6, 2009

Turkey Trot 6 - Old Keys

Steven Depolo -

Have you considered adding old keys to your Holiday tablescapes?  The aesthetic pleasures of these rustic and nostalgic treasures upstage our modern house keys by far.  Old keys are currently making a decorating statement and can easily be found at flea markets and antique stores.

Use aged keys in just about any vignette.  Assemble them on old trays, in glass jars, beneath a cloche, hung from nails in pleasing arrangements, or as tie backs for curtains.  Even mixed media artists include old and faux antique keys as design elements.

Combine these with Holiday feasts by using 1 to 3 antique keys as napkin rings.  Simply loop them together with new or vintage ribbon.  An imaginative ice breaker could involve having each guest share a story about what their keys once unlocked.

Nov 4, 2009

Turkey Trot 4 - Wreaths

A wreath, for any season, equals instant gratification.  Whether you purchase a wreath or make it yourself, any living space will be instantly transformed with the simple addition of a wreath.  For more inspiration, visit Giorgina Devereaux at Decor Medley.

Nov 3, 2009

Turkey Trot 3 - Katie Brown & Qponix

Katie Brown

Katie Brown has found a new place to nest at Katie Brown | Keeping it Simple with Meijer.  Previously, I've enjoyed Katie via her television ventures and books.  Now, in her unique style, this site is chock-full of Holiday goodness.  

I discovered Katie through Qponix on Twitter, which introduced me to Meijer MealBox.  Both of these sites are interactive recipe and grocery list troves.  I entered the word "honey" and came up with a recipe for Honey-Tahini Dressing that has me eager to try.

Nov 2, 2009

Turkey Trot 2 - Food as a Centerpiece

Counting toward Thanksgiving, I will be posting bits and pieces of inspiration every day.  Here again is Matthew Mead with his enormous capacity to tweak everyday items!  His website is an affordable online magazine with virtual pages to turn, luscious photography, templates to download, and food to "sigh" for!

Nov 1, 2009

Turkey Trot 1 - Ensemble

I subscribe to Matthew Mead's website and to his inspiration.  One aspect of his creative spirit is to use what we already have on hand.  Rethinking what is right under our noses is a wonderful pursuit of pleasure and fulfillment!  To see a thing transformed by a burst of unexpected, random energy is sheer delight!