Dec 10, 2009

"The Christmas Tree" Napkin Fold - Revisited

"The Christmas Tree" Napkin Fold 

[This was originally posted in 2007.  I get many requests for the directions, so I thought I would publish it again.] 

One of the benefits of conducting workshops in retail settings is having access to so many lovely linens, as well as a plethora of tableware and decorative accents! What bliss to be able to play and create tablescapes—all in the name of demonstration!

During workshops, my goal is to present fresh material that isn't on a trend of replication in home-themed magazines. Sometimes, having exhausted ideas from my numerous volumes of napkin folding books, I resort to creating folds of my own. "The Christmas Tree" fold (above) is an example of one such inspiration, and I have never seen this idea published. For your holiday pleasure, I would like to share this napkin fold with YOU!

This is one fold where the napkin should not have a wrong side. I used a reversible print to make the fold interesting. Cotton linens—with or without fringe—work extremely well. If you opt for synthetic fibers, try to include cotton in the mix. Also, realize that this is one napkin fold where neatness counts.

Start with a napkin of even measurements and fold it 2 times to form a smaller square. Point the 4-layered corner toward you.

Begin to peel up each of the 4 layers to align with the top point of the napkin. Space each layer about 1 inch apart. Once done, the napkin should look like the photo below.

With hands placed on the top and bottom of the napkin, flip it over from right to left. The fold should resemble the photo below.

Bring the left and right sides together, neatly aligning the top of each panel to form a triangular space at the top of the napkin. The bottom point should be about 1 inch wide. Now flip the napkin over from bottom to top.

Once the napkin has been flipped over, take the top flap and gently peel it up until it forms a neat triangle. It will look sloppy if you allow the triangle to droop. Be careful not to pull the top up too far as this could result in having to start over.

Repeat this step with each layer, tucking the tip beneath each previous fold. Make sure the bottom portion is perfectly aligned with the backside.

At this point the napkin can be arranged flat on top of a plate, or it can be placed upright by pulling the back panels out slightly or leaning it against something. This fold looks beautiful as is, or a metallic star sticker can be placed at the top of the tree. Place-cards shaped like little gifts can be assembled under the tree or tucked under the boughs. I have even placed a pretty pin—as a gift—at the top of the tree, always making sure that it has a backing.

Note: Feel free to use this fold for your own Christmas celebration! Please do not use these photos or publish this napkin fold without my express permission. Thank-you.

Dec 9, 2009

Silver Anniversary and A Winner!


Yesterday was my 25th Wedding Anniversary! I wrote on my Facebook Wall: "Barry and I have been married 25 years today! I remember saying 'I do,' and then it seems like we blinked! Now, with 3 incredible children, an awesome son-in-law, and a grandson in the oven, we have arrived, by God's Love and Grace, at this noteworthy Anniversary!" I am married to a hard working, honorable man who loves the Lord and his family! Cheers to another 25!


As a few of you know, I also just celebrated my 500th post on eye-dyllic. This happened about the time that I welcomed my 500th friend on Facebook. There's no connection, but I thought it was a coincidence.

One friend, Joyce, commented that she was surprised that more people were not entering my 500th Post Giveaway. After all, I had posted this for all my 500 friends on Facebook to see. {{GRIN}}  Yet, I'm not really surprised. When I began my Pampered Chef business, my recreational time got swallowed up. Although I am getting back into my blog routine, I am still challenged with making visits. And, when my appearance dwindles at other blogs, my visits here decline.  It's understandable.

So, I did not advertise this Giveaway to other bloggers. I just left it open to those who visit on their own accord and perhaps have been patient with my business growing pains.

Are you ready? My son, Brock, drew the winner.

Jo slipped in at the last moment, relieved that she had not missed it.  And, indeed, she became the winner!  Joyce, you were so tenacious.  I pinkie promise to do this again!  Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for participating!