Dec 23, 2009

Foodie Fun

"Ginger Breadman Madeleine"
By mellow_stuff at 

I haven't had my coffee yet and I'm untypically hungry for morning. It's widely publicized that a regulated metabolism depends upon eating a healthy breakfast.  I understand this and even agree with it.  My stomach doesn't always comply.

I wake up with creative things driving my energy.  And, that does include food.  First thing this morning, I went to my laptop and began looking at food inspired blogs.  Pouring through the imaginative food photos of bloggers, photographers, and food stylists is euphoric!  I have often wondered how many recipes I took on because I was first hooked by the deftness of a food stylist.

Through the use of hashtags on Twitter, I discovered Tartlette, a blog of utterly scrumptious food photos authored by Helen Dujardin.  A transplant from France, Helen now resides in Charleston, North Carolina.  Her writing and photographs are an inspiration.  If Poached Pear and Almond Fallen Souffle Cakes or Calamansi Mousse Tartelettes with Candied Kumquats, and Eggnog Macarons are not enough to make you click, I'll pray for you.

On Twitter, I have compiled a list of 500 food-coffee-tea related Twitter accounts, and I have a second in the works.  You may link to my first list, Foodie-Fun-1, by clicking HERE.