Dec 28, 2009


I do hope that a glorious Christmas was had by all!  Is everyone enjoying a little wind down time?

My Christmas was wonderful!  My brothers and their families gathered together with mine at the home of our parents.  We gave, laughed, and loved!  What a day!

I am realizing something about myself after all these years.  I definitely enjoy the buildup to Christmas more than the actual day.  This does not reduce the reason for or the pleasure of the actual event.  I just love the prelude to Christmas, the fanfare, the transformation of business as usual into an explosion of lights, music, and color.  I adore the concerts, the worship, plays, treats, crafts, adornment...

And, though I love to shop, it's not the retail atmosphere that does it for me.  In fact, I did very little shopping this year.  No, it's the Spirit that wells up even in those who don't celebrate the birth of Christ.  It's contagious and delightfully disruptive.

PHOTO: "Frosty the Snowman" By abbietabbie on