Jan 9, 2010

Comfort Food

Presently, in SoCal, the temperature is a mild 76 degrees with an expected low of 46 this evening.  It's cold at night.  For Californians that is.  There is no snow to shovel or rain pelting upon the rooftop, but it is our winter: the climate that sets us apart from most of this country.

My wintry comfort food cravings are well intact.  I'm sure it helps that my daughter is over 6 months pregnant with our first grandchild and my own stomach is pleading for the foods that rocked my pregnant world.  Pancakes, mashed potatoes, pasta dishes...  Grandma sympathy pangs and no morning sickness!  What a deal!

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  1. We have no snow here either, at least not yet. All we get is rain...sigh.

    I craved pasta and pizza with my 2 kiddos. Love those carbs. :)


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