Jan 23, 2010

Today's Bouquets

The rain, it's plain, has ceased its long campaign! Tah dah dah dah dah! I confess that I was singing this modified lyric, from "My Fair Lady," while typing!  We have had almost a week of rain! Thunder, lightning — at least 3 stunning rainbows! Tornado warnings, flooding, hail, and ant picnics. And, all of this in California where it's never supposed to rain. Of course, I don't wish for repercussions during storm systems, but I am sad to see it go. I dearly love rainy, tea sipping days.

  • My husband and I have been operating 2 businesses with one car for several months. Two weeks ago, we were given an older, low mileage vehicle! 
  • The due date for our grandson, Caleb, is in 61 days! This is our first grandchild! Briana's mother-in-law, Lorraine, and I have been invited to watch the birth! We are elated of course! 
  • My Pampered Chef business is growing! I now have a new associate, Marlene. I am hosting her Grand Opening at my home during this afternoon! 
  • Briana's wedding last March signified many changes. Among these vicissitudes were the departure of her Christmas ornaments from my tree. In nesting mode, I have been replacing next year's empty branches with eBay's 2009 Hallmark ornaments. I have also purchased a number of "First Christmas" ornaments for the two expecting lovebirds. They will receive these on Valentine's Day.


  1. Hi Karen

    Thanks for your visit today and for your prayers for my friend Beth. It's so hard to see what this terrible disease is doing to her!

    We've had our share of rain too.

    Hugs from the beach!

  2. So glad things are going so well! You deserve it all so richly!
    And I too love a rainy day...: )


  3. My first grandchild turns eight years old this week.

    When she was born, I kept thinking I wasn't OLD ENOUGH to be a Grammie. :)

    My daughter now has #5 on the way and each has been such a blessing but that first grandchild will always be special.


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