Feb 19, 2010

Retro Fashion

Couture from the 40's and 50's engages me.  I miss women looking elegant, stylish, and ladylike.  The Audrey Hepburn era had me smitten and yet her physique was so contrary to mine.

As much as I love the comfort of pants, I do enjoy wearing dresses from time to time.  I am best flattered with a length just below the knee which, nowadays, is seldom in vogue.

There is a refinement and a grace that only a woman can matter how badly her thighs rub together in hosiery or her wide feet scream from the cramped quarters of unnaturally high heels.  I have personal experience.

At my perfect weight, my figure is decent  Yet, my torso is longer and limbs are slightly shorter, so I leave fitting rooms piled with my many attempts to find clothes that fit. 

This model's waist is beyond my comprehension and has never been my reality.  I do like the slimming lines and length of this dress though.  Notice the tasteful gathers on the hips that only serve to make the waist look even smaller.


  1. Hi Kj, well, I'm with vintage clothes. I think I prefer the roaring 20's fashions best, that is my favorite era for sure. I do still enjoying some of the clothing of the 40's and 50's watching "I love Lucy" and seeing some of the gorgeous dressing Lucille Ball was wearing in that era....JUST GORGEOUS!!

    I see from your post below that you are a harney tea fan. I love their tea and mail order it all the time, it is the only tea I drink. Many might call me a snob but in the tea department, I know what I like.

    Have a great day.


  2. Hey here KJ,

    I too am a fan of the retro look... I totally agree that women seemed more polished and elegant... crazy to wear dresses while cleaning and cooking though but the look itself was stunning...

    I also ... like Ruth adore the roaring twenties ... watching old movies and all brings me back to those wonderful times... not only that but I was in love with men who wore suits... They had this look about them... classy ... ohhh put me near a guy in a suit and I melt..


  3. Fashion is so very interesting to study, old and new. I love all the choices as women we have today. Length of our hems, short, long with high heels, flats, boots. Being able to wear all styles of slacks, skinny to wide legs. Not to mention all the accessories. I do love something rather old fashioned...scarves. I always get compliments on them. I wish hats for women would come back a little more. There's just something provocative about a hat. There was a comment about a man in a suit...that's the way I feel about a man in a hat (and we are not talking ball caps, ladies). All dressed up and a hat, like a fedora. Too bad not too many men like hats : ) Fashion is fun, old and new!


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