Feb 9, 2010

Vintage Valentines

We're set for more rain in SoCal and this vintage Valentine is so apropos!  I have quite a collection of vintage digital Valentines.  I am gah-gah for the illustration style of this era: especially the use of colors  And, my affection for tweaking words is played out wonderfully in each Valentine jingle.

I hold dear the Valentine exchanges of my grammar school years.  I would take my collections home, separate the candy, and spread the cards out on my bedroom carpet for closer inspection.  In particular, I remember the 2 occasions when male admirers didn't give me the usual Valentine, but hastily placed a box of chocolates on my desk and slipped quickly back to their desk.  I remember seeing the other girls stealing a glance, some smiling with approval.  I felt pretty special.


  1. I loved exchanging valentines and one of the things I remember enjoying most was making our valentine box. Each year we had to have a valentine box to put on our desk for classmates to put our valentines in. We used to spend a week getting ready for the event and one year my box was covered with a pink tulle skirt! I was so proud. It was a sad day when we stopped using boxes and started using white bakery bags!

    I love the vintage valentines. Hope you post more!!

  2. Hello KJ!

    That is so cute.

    Stay dry. We are going to try to stay warm. Another big snow is coming.

    Becky K.

  3. I always loved decorating my shoebox with the slit on top! But then kind of sickened and embarrassed when I read the ones from boys. Eww! Oh and if any of my 3 brothers got hold of them I was thru for sure!


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