Mar 25, 2010

Care to take a guess?

The due date of my first grandchild is this Saturday, March 27th!  I'm sleeping with my cell phone!  Yet, I carried Briana 18 days past her due date and I went 14 days past Bryce's.  At 42, once I found out that I had dilated, I had my youngest son, Brock, EVICTED!

Briana's pregnancy has gone much like mine did with her.  She found out today that she is already dilated 1 centimeter.  Then again, I think I held at 1 centimeter for over 2 weeks!  If she goes beyond this weekend, she will have another ultrasound this Wednesday.  Then they will schedule her to be induced on Easter weekend.

What do you think?  I thought it would be fun to entertain your Birthday guesses!


  1. Briana will go in after her Wed. appmt.and be induced with a nice pitocin drip :) Do I get tea now?
    Hey! Shouldn't you be at the sewing machine making receiving blankets?

  2. Hey. Wednesday has come and gone...I was wrong. Won't be the last time...

  3. Oh I hope it is right on her due date...that is my Jonathan's birthday. It is a sweet day and this year it is on a Saturday...very convenient for those who work Mon-Fri. lol

    Becky K.

  4. I guess Sunday. What a special Blessing that would be!!! ....hugs...m..

  5. My daughter was overdue with three of her four children. The only child born on her due date was Faith and that was the 4th of July!

    Congratulations, although my daughter and her family live 1,000 miles away we do keep up through cell phones and Internet.


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