Mar 15, 2010

Tea for Tuesday

At 4:04 this morning we experienced a 4.4 rumbling, tumbling quake!  It was centered just a few miles west of us.  Born and raised in Long Beach, I have felt some significant jolts in my life, most of which occurred just before or right after dawn.   It is always a shock, especially when awakened to a rattling structure and unstable terra firma.

I have been purchasing vintage tea cups from eBay and had just arranged them on my mantle top.  Many of them are displayed on tiered stands or simply stacked.  I wondered whether they would withstand the test of an earthquake.  Well, they passed this time, but I'm definitely going to make some changes.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Scary! Glad you and your teacups are all right :o)
Smiles, Karen

Charlotte said...

I lived in California most of my life. Those quakes can rattle you nerves. lol.
Thanks for the nice comments you made on my blog. Happy St. Patrick's Day.