Apr 15, 2010

Gum Wrapper Chains

I have Stitcher on my iPhone which introduces me to some intriguing adventures.  For the most part, I tune into the catagory of "Foodie" under the heading of "Arts & Culture."  There, I listen to APM's The Splendid Table, KCRW's Good Food, and today, I tuned into The Sporkful.

The topic was chewing gum: size, shapes, flavor, changes in packaging... Sound exciting?  Well, the show's male hosts did manage to amuse me, and instantly, I thought about gum wrapper chains.

Somewhere between weaving sit-upons out of newspaper in Girl Scouts, folding my first paper cup, and creating endless gum wrapper chains, I became enamoured with paper and origami.  I used to bring 2 metal Band-Aide boxes to school: one for my gum wrappers and the other contained bobby pins with the plastic tips removed for carving faces in discarded tree bark.  I would sit beneath the tall trees during recess and busy myself with one or both of these crafts.

It was said that the gum wrapper chain had to be as tall as the man one intended to marry.  If that were so, I would have married a professional basketball player!  I only knew that I enjoyed the way my chains came together.

Later, chewing gum manufacturers began to make the individual wrappers plain or completely revamp the size and packaging.  That's about the time I shifted my love for paper into other mediums.


  1. I had an aunt who made herself clothes out of these LOL.
    What is APM?
    I had totally forgotten about making "sit upons". Good grief! A girl wouldn't consider such a waste of time these days...much less sit on it.

  2. I wanted to wish you a happy, Blessed week-end...m.

  3. What fun! Brought back lots of swwwt memories!


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