Jun 2, 2010

Nostalgia and Potatoes

What is it about reaching middle age that makes one prone to retro-travel? Is it programmed into the aging process? Or is it the sense that time and modernization is slowly erasing the evidence that our youth existed?

I cannot run errands without reminiscing. I'll spot the liquor store that satisfied summer junk food cravings or the renovated mall that marked the end of my childhood Christmas shopping at Woolworths. A K-Mart has replaced the once lively Los Altos Drive-In Theater, which reminds me of all the Walt Disney flicks I watched in slippers and pajamas.


My interests are nostalgic, too. Recently, a sweet potato began to sprout and I pegged it with matchsticks and placed the lower half in a jar of water. My family laughed. It was ugly, but only for a few days. Within a week, vines and sprouts began to proliferate. Now, the pretty tuber has my husband concerned that it is going to choke the life out of us. Maybe not, but the plant has provided a nice reference to my youth.

Today, I made smashed yellow potatoes drizzled with butter, olive oil, and crushed garlic. While Barry and I enjoyed this side dish with chicken sausage, we were watching the new Cooking Channel which features my most favorite cooks! The recipe below was being demonstrated by Giada De Laurentiis and, with mouths full of potatoes, we were already lusting for the next new flavor!


  1. I loved reading your thoughts from days gone by. Now I'm so made because I can't remember the name of our local drive in!!! That is going to bug me all night.

    I love your beautiful potato vine.

  2. I can't decide which I want most...Giada's waistline or her food!

    Nice potato memory ;)

  3. Love the potatoe vine... funny how the ugly duckling turned into a swan!!

    That potato recipe sounds awesome... I have put lemon juice and butter on my potatoes but never thought about adding some basil... will have to give it a try

    Thanks for the recipe ... yuummm !


  4. Hello Dear Karen,

    Honey and I not many days back were having a fun conversation about the sweet potato plants our moms proudly placed in the kitchen windows, and what beautiful vines they were.:o) Yours is lovely! Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious and I love potatoes!

    Enjoy a most lovely week.



  5. I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the slowly erasing the evidence of our youth comment! lol I am experiencing the same things, nostalgically, only do not put it as eloquently as you ♥

    Hugs, Karen


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