Jul 7, 2010


Have YOU ever had an unpleasant alfresco dining experience?

Last year, I managed a calculated getaway from domestic life.  My escape was to a delicious, decidedly Southern restaurant near Long Beach, California.  I was seated outside beneath ample trees next to a Koi pond and a quaint wooden bridge.

I ordered the Bacon and Hazelnut Crusted Alaskan Halibut with Hot Apple Fritters, Shenandoah Rolls, and Miss Pearl's Pinto Beans.  The meal arrived picturesque and smelling divine!

Within minutes, flies began to crowd my solace.  I  was protecting my food with a vengeance while other customers continued to dine casually.  I asked the waitress for citronella candles and she provided me with more regular candlelight.  The flies, however, would not retreat! So, there I was hyper-illuminated and swatting like a mad woman!

Finally, with no win in sight, a couple of food servers moved me and my meal inside.  (I'm sure many were curious about my hygiene.) I was able to eat in peace, but alfresco had become a FIASCO!

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  1. I love the sounds of the sea that you've added!!!!!

    Yes, I had a similar "run for cover" experience last year in Seattle with my best friend. We had grilled out and had set up for dinner outside. When the cooking was complete we fixed our plates and a glass of wine and THOUGHT we would dine outside. It was a beautiful August evening in Seattle. Suddenly swarms of yellow jackets attacked so we ran for cover barely getting inside without bringing one of them inside with us. Whew. We laughed once we were safe from stings but it wasn't too funny at the time!!!


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