Jul 26, 2010

Staying Focused

One of my most favorite organizing and sorting tools is the acrostic.  In grade school, the introduction of the acrostic HOMES (an abbreviation for the Great Lakes: Heron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior) really caught my attention.  I was excited!  Not only did I remember each Great Lake from that moment on, I saw the acrostic as a life application for memorizing and making sense of just about anything.

My iPhone is my portable life and the many apps contain features from the ordinary notebooks and stickies to tracking an earthquake or allowing an app to wait on hold for a customer rep, calling me back when they finally answer.

In my ToDo app, I have done my best to organize my life in short little checklists.  One of my lists is an acrostic for GOALS, shown in this post.  The list changes as I change.  The ideal is to review this everyday and identify my highest priorities for each of the 5 categories.

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  1. Hi Karen. Love the music. This post is inspiring. I AM clear, FOCUSED, organized, and detailed!!


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