Aug 19, 2010

Cheesy and Fruity!

The fall equinox is just around the corner!  I'm already feeling it.  Hopefully, summer's heat will not keep us in suspended animation.

Simple is my motto right now.  I'm preparing an Open House for my Pampered Chef business as I have decided to go fulltime.  With the summer temperatures soaring, I don't want a great deal of fuss.  And, I want to show off my wonderful Three Tiered Stand, Adjustable Tiered Tower, Appetizer Plates and Caddy Set, etc.  So, I'm doing cheesy and fruity!

Liz Thorpe, a recent guest on Martha Stewart's show and vice president of New York City's acclaimed Murray's Cheese, offers this advice for cheese selection:
Begin by selecting three to five cheeses, in a portion size of approximately an ounce per person per cheese. Try for a range of milks; ideally, cow, goat, and sheep should be represented. Then, look at the style of the cheese -- is there something runny, stinky, firm, and nutty included?
Speaking of "stinky" cheeses, I'm sure we all remember our first encounter with Brie.  I enjoy Brie now, so I won't elaborate on my strong first impression, but variety is essential on a cheese plate.  Guests should be able to make distinct comparisons.  It is not much different than seating a mix of unusual personalities at the same dinner table.

Cheese and Fruit go so well together that a host could easily forgo the usual crackers.  The magic is in pairing cheese and fruit so that neither upstages the other.  Fruit should bring out the best qualities of the cheese and vice versa.

Martha Stewart's Cheese Plate How-To has some great suggestions for cheese pairings.  And, also on her site, you will find some terrific Cheese Plate Recipes.

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  1. As always your post was informative, interesting a beautifully written. I even took a peek at Haplology. I've gotta lot of catching up to do!


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