Aug 1, 2010

Putting the Squeeze on Lemons

 Photo courtesy of National Geographic

Yellow is my happy color. It's a pick-me-up! I strategically wear yellow on more challenging days. And, it seems to add a smile to those around me.

A room bathed in buttery yellow or a bowl of lemons on white linen is immediately soothing. And, when it comes to yellow and summer, lemons steal the show.

Lemons are well suited for summertime because they provide welcome distraction.  I have a vivid memory of watching a particular science film in grade school. A woman wearing an apron and a dress with a form-fitting bodice and full skirt, walked across a deep green lawn in high heels and placed a perspiring glass pitcher of lemonade on a table. The topic was condensation. I was more preoccupied with the refreshment.

The word citrus, comes from Greek and means lemon: limon, its popular name. Mediterranean countries have put the squeeze on the lemon since its juices have supporting roles in a multitude of dishes. A squirt of lemon goes a long way.

Then there are the domestic and personal uses. Just the scent of lemon in products suggests that something has been cleaned or refreshed.

Alfred Newman said, "We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons."  There's nothing better than the real deal!


  1. Good Morning. I'm up early today and what am I doing? Typing comments on blogs. And I really DO have a life. This is all your fault. Love your new banner.

  2. When I was 14 I went on a class trip to Montreal and Quebec...
    I had with me a little lemon verbena perfume and to this day when I smell a lemon...I am magically transported back to Canada!
    And I'm 14 again :)

  3. You've inspired me to buy lots of lemons and make real lemonade! I think we need it to cope with the extreme heat warning here in Oklahoma.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  4. Hello Dear Karen,

    A lovely post my friend. I love lemons! I remember as children we would cut lemons just a little more than half and stick a candy cane in the middle of the lemon, the sweet and sour was yummy:o) Lemons are indeed a good thing.

    Hope you are enjoying a most lovely Sunday!



  5. I've had my own little love affair going on with lemons the past few weeks. I've been making lemonaide by the glass, filling my glass with crushed ice from the fridge, topping it off with water, then squeezing a half of a large lemon, or all of a small one into the glass. I add sweetener to taste (artificial or simple syrup), stir and enjoy. Yum!

    I really like the music you have playing on your blog. :-)

  6. Are you blogging every day? Seems I was just here and all of a sudden you have 6 or 7 posts that I missed...

    bummer for me...

    I had to laugh at you wanting to beat me over the head about the tabel cloth ... did you not see the HUGE HUGE HUGE hole in the middle of it? I am simply recycling girl!! LOL ..

    I thought it would be nice to get some input from eveyrone for some ideas...

    anyhooo.... as for lemons .... I am a lemon freak... I love it on everything... chicken .... fish... in water...cookies.... you name it...



  7. Happy to discover your sparkling blog! Sincerely, @nne

  8. I always have a few lemons in the fridge and I even planted a lemon tree this spring plus yellow is my favorite color!


  9. KJ: Your blog looks WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog...sure do appreciate it!

  10. Thanks to ALL for dropping by! When I am asked what my favorite color is, I usually can't say because I just love COLOR! However, if i was forced to narrow it down, yellow does speak the loudest to me!


  11. Hi Karen June,
    I love your blog. . .yellow was a great favorite of mine also when I was a lot younger, now it is not a color that enhances my complexion! Now rose - rose is a different color! :) Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi!"


  12. I'm a bit late in dropping by to thank you for your recent visit to my blog and your kind words. Please come again soon.

    It's such a coincidence that both your first grandson and mine are named Caleb. Only thing is, my Caleb will turn 18 in only 24 more days. My advice to you is to hold onto your little one as tight as you can. He'll grow up in the wink of an eye.

  13. I think they are one the best smells in the world...m..

  14. I just made an all yellow wreath for my front door. I had some yellow flowers that I wanted to match, so I went to Michael's and lo and behold they had 90% off a ton of yellow flowers... along with my additional 25% off purchase, my wreath ended up under $10!

    Love the bright cheery yellow!

  15. Love lemons too! Have an old lemon tree out back that makes the best lemonade! The peel is thick, but the juice is abundant. So a few lemons go a long way. Also have a fun old juice squeezer (my name) that the boys use to love to use. Thanks for great memories.


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