Aug 7, 2010

Tea House of the August Spoon - Space

Have you been guilty of postponing pleasure because your surroundings had to be perfect?  Perhaps you've delayed having guests over or put off quality time because ignoring tasks and clutter is too difficult.

My early influences regarding domestic bliss were undeniably shaped by Leave to Beaver and Father Knows Best.  My family home bore no resemblance to this television ideal. And, although most of my friend's homes were like mine, I had a neighbor whose table was always impeccably preset with colorful linen napkins, place mats, and egg cups at every breakfast setting.

I adore tablescapes, home decor, and well ordered space. It is calming to enjoy rooms that are visually appealing. Nonetheless, I've learned that living is more important than perfection. We loose precious moments simply because we cannot overlook what our friends are willing to or what we should.

I like how Rachel at Small Notebook sums it up: "If you organize to perfection, then you’re not organizing to make your life better, you’re living your life to organize, and nobody needs that." She makes the distinction between magazine-perfect versus how quickly we can put our hands on something.

I'll let you know that my house is not perfect today and yet I plan to set up an oasis in the midst of my chores and business calls to enjoy a "me" moment. I hope you do that, too.


Carol said...

I've been sorting & purging several areas in my house the past two weeks getting ready for a garage sale in Oct. I'm working at a much slower pace than I did during my summers while I was teaching. Now I don't have to hurry to get the whole house clean & organized before school begins. Retirement is great! I don't get bent out of shape if I see dust on the furniture or a dust bunny rolling around on the hardwood floors.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi KJ!
You asked if you could make the basil pesto in a blender....yes I think you can. I have never tried it. You might have to make it in smaller batches.

This was a great post!

sister sheri said...

I think this is why I love summer so much. My garden is always in almost perfect condition... I can go out at any moment and find my oasis ready for me. I need to figure out how to do that the rest of the year... even if it is just a small corner!

Jojo said...

It would be so nice to have a perfectly organized house but with 9-10 hour work days, making home a place to relax and enjoy should be a top priority. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for stopping by my blog AND leaving a comment. I was traveling all last week but hope to catch up on blog reading and posting this week.

Lallee said...

What a wonderful post. I have missed the chance to entertain guests too many times because I had to have everything just so. I'm not bothered by how they keep their homes. Why don't I give myself the same grace?

Joyce said...
Karen, don't forget to come up with a witty title to submit to my blog contest by Monday!
Any of your readers may participate as well!!!
Be blessed.....Joyce

tea time and roses said...

Hello Karen!

I am looking at a stack of unorganized paper clutter right now:o) I am a minimalist and that helps a whole lot, and I have great hiding places for little out of place things, my guest never suspects it:o)

A wonderful post!