Aug 4, 2010

Tea House of the August Spoon

"The first sip of tea is always the best . . . you cringe as it burns the back of your throat, knowing you just had the hottest carpe-diem portion."

-Terri Guillemets

On August 5th, 2008, I began a series
called "Tea House of the August Spoon" and I am picking up that theme again this month. (Click HERE to read the premiere post.) Rest assured that "tea" does not have to be your beverage of choice. Enjoy what you love!

I will be sharing posts relating to tea, ordering our space, and the pleasures of little rituals (any customary observance or practice.) And, I am welcoming my guests to submit a short piece for consideration. I will print what is relevant to the theme with attribution. Simply email it to me.

There will be no stuffiness: just earthy self-indulgence. So, these ladies might as well shed their mink and rethink. T-shirts and sweats will work just fine!


  1. Hi Mom, I finally figured out how to leave a comment;Yaaaay!!! I like your tidbits on tea; I didn't know that about cloudy tea. :)

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