Sep 16, 2010


Ellen Barbara Segner - Illustrator
Well Known for Little Miss Sunbeam and Dick and Jane Readers

Many of you have been sharing your favorite fall comforts on my "It's Almost Autumn Tea Giveaway" post. The images are delicious!  I began to reflect and I do believe that it was grade school that first captured my affection for fall.

Southern California is an irrigated desert, so we don't witness a substantial change in our landscape. Most trees retain their leaves and others shed foliage with little or no fanfare. Aside from a noticeable drop in temperature and seasonal flower-beds ceasing to bloom, it's pretty much business-as-usual.

I did have a nibble of fall at the home where my parents still reside.  They have a Liquid Amber tree in their front yard that mimics a Maple.  The leaves turn crimson, burnt orange, and yellow; and the green prickly pods become russet.

Yet, my truest connection to fall was at William F. Prisk Elementary School. Each September, on the first day of school, I would locate my desk, take inventory of new and returning students, and then check to see how my teacher had cozied up the room.

There was always an autumn themed calendar with apples or leaves numbering the days. Bulletin boards were a collage of varietal apples, baskets, the token rake, and trees blazing with color.

My name was neatly written as "Karen M" on apples or foliage simply because there were 5 Karen's in my grade. Once, briefly, at least 4 of us were in the same classroom!

Then there were the beautiful text book illustrations much like the one above. I could have gazed endlessly at sweater clad children diving into piles of leaves or following leaf-littered paths to school.  In essence, the California classroom treated us to a fall we weren't able to experience first hand.

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Image Courtesy of American Art Archives


  1. We planted several Liquid Amber trees in our front yard in California not long before we left there. We had a large front yard and even larger back yard. Stockton is known as being a city of trees. We went back there several years after we left and those trees had gotten really big. I love trees. Oh, and at the same time we planted a few white birch trees. I really like them too.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. We scaled back a few years ago and moved to a smaller lot without trees. I love seeing the fall show of color but we have to drive to other places to see it. It's okay though...raking is no longer a part of our life - WHEW!!!

  3. I've never really thought about the lack of Autumnal beauty at this time of year in California! When we're here moaning about constant raking when our magnificent oaks scatter huge leaves across the lawn....of course it's different there. I must say at this time in life I think I could skip the leaves in the garden, hang up the rakes, head for the mountains and enjoy them there!

  4. I would find it so difficult to live in area without a change of seasons. I've been spoiled. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I'm impressed with your vivid and detailed memories of grade school. Your creative gift was connecting with your surroundings even then. You're a delight my friend. I always enjoy looking forward to your unique posts. Blessings to you.

  6. I really, really, really, "MISS" Fall.
    Or Autumn as we used to call it back in the day.
    No Fall where I live. Even though I decorate for it. if wishing that would make it "come" to where I live like Linus used to wait up for the "Great Pumpkin" to no avail.

    I do remember cool weather...colorful, crispy, leaves falling to the ground..and even a frost on the pumpkins.
    Thankfully I can still watch the "Fall/Halloween" Peanuts cartoon and reminisce to my childhood in the Midwest and those Fall days that I dearly miss.

  7. Like this Ellen Barbara Segner's illustration very much!

    Happy Fall!

    Bel Automne :-)


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