Sep 12, 2010

"It's Almost Autumn Tea Giveaway!"


Fall doesn't begin until the 22nd of this month, but you can tell by my music that I am an eager beaver! No leaf left behind!  Especially "tea" leaves! In fact my my favorite letter in AUTUMN is T! So, let's begin this season properly, shall we?

I am giving away this scrumptious 4 ounce tin of Harney and Sons Cranberry Autumn loose tea!  Check out its description: "The tangy sweet citrus fragrance of Cranberry Autumn evokes euphoria. Dried cranberry and orange bits are blended with handpicked black teas from China and India producing a full-bodied brew as delicious as its scent. Ideally sweet and tart, this black tea expresses exceptionally smooth and flavorful tones. Fall in love with the sweet fruit aroma whilst sipping the exquisite mahogany red of Cranberry." Sound delectable?

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  2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling me what you love about Fall! 
  3. EXTRA ENTRIES: You will receive 1 extra entry for each person you refer to this Giveaway. Make sure that they mention your name in their comments. 
  4. DEADLINE: September 22nd at Midnight PST; the first day of Fall!


  1. What don't I love about Autumn!!!? This year the arrival of cooler temps. soon hopefully - we've roasted this Summer. The beauty of the changing trees, and taking a hay wagon ride through fields of colorful pumpkins. A road trip to the North Carolina mountains soon. Decorating for Halloween. My October Birthday - even though the number is getting rather high!!!!!

    Lovely gift - being English I'm always ready to try a new tea - this one sounds really good!
    Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to join in.

    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  2. It's my MOST FAVE season of's so hot and humid here and our trees don't change colors. Ugh...
    We had a "Fall vacation" trip planned to Virginia so we could bask in the true Fall colors and weather but we have to rethink that since my husband's company closed his department down but the good news is he's starting his own company.
    So much to do!!!
    This tea sounds like quite the "Fall ticket"...I want some.
    If I don't win...I'll buy some. HA!

  3. EWWW, I saw this at Barnes and Noble and it caught my eye. I surely hope I win this! My favorite part of fall is Thanksgiving. My absolute favorite holiday with family and friends.

  4. Susy @ The Feathered NestSeptember 9, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    I love Fall because the time changes and my clocks are right again.

  5. Tea is my afternoon soother~
    A friday favorite for sure!

  6. I got my cookbook today color me so very happy. I love everything about Fall. All the sights, sounds, colors. The beautiful mums, the crisp red, yellow, green apples. The various changing colors of the leave, the cooler temps. Getting to wear a sweater, cluddleing with my loved one by a roaring fire. Having a bonfire roasting marshmellows. I told you I loved it all!!!! LOL....hugs my friend....m..

  7. I'm a new follower. What a lovely sounding tea- I do like to try new ones. Autumn... crisp apples, pretty leaves, the smell of wood burning smoke wafting from chimneys, the mix of sunshiney days followed by rainy inside days....

  8. I love the coolness that encourages me to bake lots of warm treats, the colors, the cozyness of a fire. So many things that make me happy! This tea sounds really good, I just had a cup of my usual, I could use a change!

  9. I so look forward to the first rain of the season. It is just magical.

  10. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes. And Pumpkin Pies. And lots of apples. And the scent of cinnamon and apple.

  11. Hi there
    What a lovely Giveaway....please do enter my name I'd love to win..
    and I am a Follwer now too..

    Come by and visit me...I have a Giveaway too!

    have a lovely weekend.

  12. The scent of tobacco barns firing (have you experienced it KJ? )
    I will relinquish this win if I win don't pick me!

  13. Hi KJ,

    Please do enter me in your give away...I love tea and as you know, I love Harney tea especially.

    I do enjoy fall but mostly, I guess I would rather that summer was year round LOL. I like fall very much but don't like what comes after it in my area of the country, if that makes sense.


  14. Blissity-- Is there such thing as a tabacco barn? You have been known to tease... I don't smoke, but I do love the smell of a pipe tobacco store. So, maybe I'm on track here.

    You mean, if you win, I can't hunt you down and force you to drink this tea? Hee hee...



    I'm disappointed I couldn't find one with smoke coming out of it...I will have to take some pics tomorrow!

    No, I have won everything you give away. I will pass the prize to someone else if I win :)

  16. I just became a follower and I would love win your giveaway. Not only does it sound delischous, I love the tin it comes in.
    I love all things fall...the coolness in the air, the colors, the smell of cinnamon and spice, Thanksgiving and most of all pumpkin pie.

  17. My mind wonders, searching for a quote....Coming up with nothing as I put on my coat.
    I step outside, head towards my swing..
    I need to think of our season past spring.
    The air is crisp, I take a deep breath, thankful for the time eye-dyllic made me rest.
    Thoughts of fall colors, red, gold and bronze...
    pumpkins, turkey, & Charlie Brown's football.
    Friends & family all gathered together....waiting for Grandma's Thanksgiving dinner.
    Each memory of fall, so etched in my mind... moments of beauty and love in moments of time.

  18. I first realized I liked fall when I was probably in the 1st grade, maybe 2nd. I remember reading in our little readers with pictures of children raking leaves into a pile. I still love autumn leaves although we don't see many of them in our area. We do see a lot of cactus though. lol
    Have a beautiful fall. It's almost here.
    Hugs, Charlotte

  19. Hi KJ! This tea sounds delightful. I adore Autumn - every morning when I open the door I feel so happy if the day is cooler than the day before! It makes me feel invigorated after the laziness of summer. ::Jill

  20. I absolutely LOVE the smells of fall. The scent of the leaves changing to crisp golden oranges and yellows and off course..... the foooood. baked goods, seasonal coffee drinks, savory comfort food, warm creamy soups; the list is endless. "Fall" come quickly, I'm hungry!!!
    -Briana Lemos

  21. I love the fragrances & cool crisp air associated with fall~things baking~like apple pie, pumpkin pie,turkey,etc. I love watching the leaves on the trees turn from green to their new fall colors, before eventually falling off. When they fall off, I love walking through them! Last but not least, Families gathering together to count their blessings.

  22. Hi KJ!!!
    So great to hear from you! Caleb is so adorable - congratulations on being a grandma!!
    Fall is my favorite season - gorgeous colors, cool weather, lovely holidays, hot tea and apple cider! I could go on and on!
    Great to connect with you again!


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