Oct 3, 2010

The Skipper

We went boating yesterday on a 30 Foot Bayliner Cruiser (with 2 Chevrolet V8 engines) in Dana Point, California. The McNaughton's invited Barry and I to be their guests and what a time we had! Despite our recent erratic weather, the day was made to order.

Here, my husband Barry is skippering the boat while keeping watch for dolphins! (He was looking quite foxy in his Penn State Hawaiian shirt.) It wasn't long before we were surrounded by a large pod of common dolphins.

I took these pictures with my older generation iPhone. I had forgotten my reading glasses at home which meant I was limited to the point-and-click method. Thankfully, I received adequate results.

There are several types of whales in this region, too. They didn't make an appearance.

Eye on L.A. filmed a Whale and Dolphin Safari which happened to be what we were using as a reference point. Click HERE to get a better idea of what we were seeing.


  1. Capt. Bear! Looks like a natural fit. And what a great outing. xo

  2. Ohhhh fun! I love to ride in boats! And look at Dolphins!
    Much prettier than taking pics of possum's feet, huh? :)

  3. I know this was a very fun day for you guys...hugs...m...


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