Oct 6, 2010

This and That

I think it's more fun to decorate when one's budget is sub par. The "survivor" emerges with resolve and a gathering basket! Common items stand ready to pose for possibilities!

I have an Italian white glass lamp with a swirl pattern. It's one piece of glass with a rounded base and a traditional lampshade toward the top. The entire lamp lights up. An extra perk is that it attracts and subtracts insects in the warmer months.

White is too stark for fall, so I grabbed a sheer April Cornell scarf and accessorized the lamp. I added an inexpensive white pumpkin and a fall wreath I had tucked away. Voila! A vignette was born.

I popped over to Blue Mountain and they have a bevy of free screensavers. My favorite is "Flying South." It's an animated screensaver with multiple layers of green to rustic hues, serenely swaying leaves, and realistic silhouettes of flying and perched birds. It's mesmerizing. Below are some stills. Click HERE for the download.

Fall is teasing us again. The rain has ended and by Sunday we'll be back in the 90's again. So, while sipping my French Press coffee, I'm going to savor this last bit of cold weather.


  1. KJ. Love the April Cornell scarf on the lampshade, clever girl. Do I smell bacon crisps?

  2. Oh no doubt it is fun to decorate on a shoestring! Your scarf idea was a good one! My current tablecloth was once a shower curtain and before that a window curtain!

  3. It is fun to gather a little of "this and that" and see what one comes up with. And you know it when it is right. I always find myself saying surprisingly "Now that was easy."

  4. Love your lamp Karen! Decorating for me is indeed on a budget.:o) Continue to enjoy a lovely autumn season dear friend.




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