Dec 22, 2010

Peace on Earth

It does a soul good to focus on the only peace that defies logic, reasoning, or understanding. I have truly felt this peace when everything around me screamed that peace was impossible!

Without a doubt, 2010 has been one of the most distracting years of my life. Any routine fell to the wayside and I moved into a fire fighting mode. Suffice it to say that a few things did slip by me.

I visited Chase last Friday to open up a new business account. The Account Specialist asked me for my drivers license. I wedged it out of the very tight plastic window of my wallet and presented it. She looked at me funny and asked me if I had current ID. I was surprised by that question because, after all, I had just handed her my drivers license. Then she pointed out that it had expired in JANUARY OF 2010! I was seriously stunned. I had to see it with my own eyes and then was left to search for some explanation.

I knew I had never received the renewal letter, which I admit I am in the habit of waiting for. I certainly didn't look at my license because the photo looks like a mugshot. And, not one of the numerous vendors who asked me for ID even noticed that it had expired!

So, since I'm accountable for what I know, I stopped driving until Barry returned from Idaho and could transport me to the DMV. Once at there, they informed me that they do not forward government documents and we had moved. Happily, I only had to take an eye test and get a new mugshot.

I had gone almost a full year without a valid license! This was just one more affirmation that God was in the midst of my distraction.


  1. Bless your heart. So glad you made this discovery under friendly circumstances. Doesn't it seem as if our lives just keep speeding up? I'm enjoying just a few days with family at home when we can simply "piddle."

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Well kiddo ~ guess you had to have one last California Adventure. Consider it blog fodder (: I'm thinking of you as the days count down. xo Merry Christmas xo

  3. To the "Anonymous" who chose to insert an article dealing with world peace, slaughtering animals, etc.:

    I encourage you to reread this post as it had nothing to do with world peace, slaughtering animals, world hunger, what we feed animals, and so on. It has to do with the peace that comes from God no matter what is going on around us. The "peace on earth," in this case, dealt with the peace God affords us in the midst of the storm — in the middle of crisis or challenges.

    Yes, there is much that needs to change in this world. Yes, there are many who will search out "peace on earth" only at Christmas time. However, my "peace on earth" is an exchange between me and God.

    I believe the key is allowing Jesus Christ to rule and reign in each of our lives. If this is something you have not experienced, ask God to reveal himself to you in might and power. Change always begins with our own hearts.

    Blessings to YOU,


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