Dec 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

Courtesy of Country Living Magazine
With my life temporarily in boxes, I'm celebrating Christmas with a plethora of favorite photos! If I am unable to decorate a home, I'll embellish my blog by golly!

It's Pearl Harbor Day and my husband made a discovery. Found on all U.S. Marine Corps Honorable discharge certificates is the Latin phrase "Fideli Certa Merces," meaning “To the faithful there is certain reward." My husband showed me his own certificate explaining that he had never noticed this.

This got me to thinking. What a glorious way to leave any great endeavor! And is it not our goal to conclude our lives with an honorable discharge proclaiming the same thing?


Susy said...

Hi there. That's a neat discovery and an inspiring saying. Keeping you and the family in prayer ~ keep me posted xo

Audrey said...

What a true statement that is! I pray that I will remain faithful. All the best in your move to Idaho! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!