Dec 5, 2010

Some Ida-Ho-Ho-Ho!

Courtesy of Country Living Magazine
I am a born and raised SoCal gal! I was introduced to a wind chill factor in Upstate New York during a January winter. I have never shoveled snow, nor have I missed a day of work due to a blizzard. I have tasted snow in Nebraska, driven through the Rocky Mountains in December, and tobogganed down the icy slopes of our local mountain ranges; but I have always returned to Southern California's winter climate — sometimes during a heat spell.

When we downsized our life recently by leaving a home and moving our possessions into storage, a friend of ours offered his abode in Idaho as a landing place for a new beginning. Two years ago, his wife passed away, so he had used the sale of their Southern California home to purchase a gorgeous mountain cabin northeast of Boise.

I remember reading his email and saying aloud, "Oooh, how sweet! It will never happen, but what a sweet gesture!" It was insanely impractical! They're having an early winter in Idaho and we would be leaving an elevation of 29 whole feet and transporting our family 3906 feet up a snow covered mountain! I am adventurous, curious, and hugely romantic; but even this was a huge stretch, even for me...

It was too late. A seed had been planted. The notion of a life in Idaho had already taken root in my spirit. I was wide open. I awoke with thoughts of Idaho, incubated on it during the day, Googled it, and went to bed discussing it. The irony was we were staying in a condo that was located on — of all streets — Idaho!

A series of confirmations followed. Even the friends and family that I shared this craziness with embraced the move and began to supply their own connections to Idaho. My husband-the-milkman discovered how many dairies thrive in the Boise region. We found out who manufactures the best chocolate milk which in turn led Barry to a milk distributor who has already offered him a job!

My Pampered Chef is portable and my earnings up there will go a lot further than down here. I can also continue to teach voice, pursue my writing, and move deeper into social media.

What's even more amusing is that our friend recently coiffed his long white beard to do his first Santa gig in a Boise mall. So, you might say that we're relocating to Santa's workshop just when things are winding down.

My only disappointment is that I won't be able to decorate this year. After Christmas of 2009, I picked up some wonderful Hallmark ornaments on eBay. My daughter had recently married and her departure left some obvious spaces on my tree. I will have to patiently await my first Idaho Christmas.



  1. Oh my gosh, Karen,
    I can't believe you're from Long Beach!! I was raised in Glendale! Then, I lived for 22 years in Granada Hills and moved to New Orleans a few years back...

    Idaho will be a change alright...and I bet the Pampered Chef will do great there!!!

  2. You are writing an exciting story, and I am your newest follower.

  3. You are living our dream. Warren and I keep talking about moving to the mountains of PA. We just might do it one day...I'll be watching your story.

    Becky K.

  4. Karen, this is very compelling. We too had all our Christmas things packed last year and did not decorate because we bought our yellow house and moved in Dec. third. I did go into withdrawals a bit and I knew little of blogs. You will have snow and the country!
    I will follow you. merry♥O

  5. Hi Karen,

    It would definitely have to be The Lord directing me to an area of the country known as Idaho. I grew up in Chicago, moved to Texas and now live in Virginia, I haven't thought of moving north of the Mason-Dixon Line in a very long time.

    I'm happy for you and your family. From what you've shared, it will be a different life from the one in SoCal, but it offers hope and peace. Even without decorations, you can create the joy of the season in your home; I believe you will.

    Blessings and peace.


  6. what an exciting adventure. i pray you are
    surprised and delighted all along the way.

    you're a singer/voice teacher! i'm a singer,
    too, and always have a vocal coach. they
    help me keep away from all my bad habits
    and keep my voice agile.

    how fun! you're my second singer blog
    i hope you will write about it some.

    merry Christmas!

  7. Hehehe, my husband was just talking about how he missed some of his favorite Christmas ornanments on our tree and wondered where they went.

    Ummm... Stephanie took hers with her. That being TEN years ago when she got married.

    Some men are just a little slow to notice.

  8. hi karen!

    my favorite songs to sing?


    merry Christmas!

  9. Hello my friend. Well the good news is we'll have many ways to stay in touch and I'm happy for your God-portunity, but will miss you ):

  10. "A new adventure"......I say GO FOR IT! I feel the Lord's leading for you all in this. Things just don't "happen by chance." God opens doors like this.
    Especially when your already staying on "IDAHO" Street...amazing.
    I LOVE how that works.
    Don't feel too badly about not's just stuff. And Christmas REALLY is in our hearts...which is portable as well. Hang in there my friend...
    I've never been to never know...we may have to come visit.

  11. Wow! What an exciting adventure! Praying for God's blessings... and knowing that next year when you get to decorate that it will be very very special!


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