May 20, 2010

Today's Bouquets

My almost 2-year old Nissan Versa began to lose hubcaps!  All of them — at once!  Was there an expiration or an alarm?  How can hubcaps possibly know what the other hubcaps are doing?  Now, I am driving with deCAPitated wheels, except for one salvaged hubcap which is holding on for dear life with a plastic tie.  Other drivers signal to me frantically because they think my wheel is coming off.  Hopefully there's no Nissan expiration for that, too!

I digress.  Afterall, bouquets are sweet smelling like soft little grandsons!  Baby Caleb is 7 weeks old now and he is obviously benefiting from his trips to the dairy!  He is sporting plump cheeks and a round belly.  His little personality is emerging.  I knew being a grandma had to be great, but none of the press coverage comes close to how really awesome this experience is.

This was taken a few weeks ago.

 Here's Baby Caleb now.  This must have been a pretty good dream!

My daughter, Briana, was taking this photo for Baby Caleb's Aunt Michael.  Briana was pleased to have finally captured a smile when she noticed that Caleb had pooped all the way up his clothing and onto the sheet.  No wonder he's smiling!